David Downey is a consultant and trainer in the aviation and defense sectors. His background includes commercial experience at Bell Helicopter, regulatory experience with the Federal Aviation Administration and defense experience as a retired experimental test pilot. He has FAA airplane, rotorcraft, seaplane and ground instructor ratings. He was also an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). As an aviation executive, David has expert disciplines such as systems engineering, engineering operations, production/manufacturing, civil certification, supply chain and engineering insource and outsource decisions. David has provided expert reports, depositions and trial testimony. He is the 2011 Society of Experimental Test Pilot’s Tony LaVier Award winner for life time safety excellence. This award was established by the Flight Test Safety Committee to pay recognition to people who have significantly contributed to the safety of flight test operations. It formally recognized David as having made a significant flight test safety contribution to the flight test community as a whole.

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As owner, Diane Bayne Downey earned a BS from Middle Tennessee State University and an MBA from Golden Gate University. She brings experience from her time as a financial planner for American Express, a cost analyst with US Air Force System Command and a senior tax analyst for HR Block. She is responsible for all financial aspects of the business as well as advising on all other business aspects of Downey Aviation Services.